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Echoes of Antiquity by Le Boulanger

Echoes of Antiquity by Le Boulanger

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This captivating digital artwork seamlessly merges historical accuracy with modern digital artistry, creating a mesmerizing masterpiece that appeals to both history aficionados and art connoisseurs. At its core lies a Phoenician statue, a symbol of Lebanon's rich heritage, evoking a sense of intrigue that transports viewers through the annals of time, immersing them in the splendor of ancient civilizations and their artistic expressions. Ideal for adorning the walls of homes or offices, this painting exudes an aura of historical sophistication and cultural depth, infusing any space with a sense of refined elegance. Its arresting visuals are bound to captivate onlookers and spark engaging dialogues about the captivating allure of ancient civilizations and the intricate beauty of mosaic art.

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Certificate of Authenticity provided with any print of this artwork

This artwork can be shipped worldwide when ordered on Canvas & Poster Roll
Any other format including, Stretched Canvas, Acrylic etc, ships only in Continental USA & Canada (Free shipping)

Acrylic Print:1/8 (3mm) thick Digital grade Acrylic with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
Brushed Metal Print:3mm Brushed Metal Print with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
HD Sublimation Metal Print:High Gloss Sublimation on Chromalux Panel with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
Giclée Poster Satin Photo Paper Print:Giclee print on Resin coated Satin Photo Paper 240gsm
Giclée Fine Art Matte Paper Print:Giclee print on Fine Art Matte Paper
Framed Print:Mounted with Plexiglass and Frame. Ready to hang.



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