About Le Boulanger

Fouad El-Khabbaz (Le Boulanger) Photo

In the canvas of my life, where each brushstroke tells a story, I am Fouad El-Khabbaz. In the world of art, however, I am known as Le Boulanger, a name that echoes my Lebanese heritage, translating 'El-Khabbaz'—the baker—in French. My artistic journey began with a significant move from Lebanon to Toronto in 2005, eventually leading me to embrace the vibrant culture of Montreal. The rich and complex tapestry of my Lebanese upbringing, interwoven with the threads of historical events, has deeply influenced my artistic and literary voice, allowing me to craft narratives that are both intimately personal and universally resonant.

In Toronto, amidst the challenges of adapting to a new life, my commitment to the arts never faltered. This dedication bore fruit when I was awarded the second prize at the 2023 Batroun International Festival for my photography. Another pinnacle of my journey was reached when one of my digital artworks was featured in the bustling heart of New York's Times Square, marking a significant milestone in my international artistic presence.

My creative expression is a unique fusion of my technical skills in Information Technology and my passion for art, enabling me to blend traditional and digital art forms seamlessly. My diverse body of work, encompassing visual art, poetry, and fiction, often delves into themes of human resilience, courage, and the transformative power of art and literature.

My literary works are a testament to my rich Lebanese-Canadian heritage. My published works include "The Journey," a collection of photo poetry; "Chuchotements de Deux Mondes," a book of poetry; and "Fenêtres sur ma vie," a compilation of photo poetry and poems by my mother, Edma EL-Khabbaz. In the realm of fiction, my novels "Warehouse 12: In Memories of the Lost" and "In Pursuit Of Freedom" showcase my depth as a storyteller and my profound understanding of the human condition.
Exhibition Certificate from Expo Metro for artist Le Boulanger (Fouad El-Khabbaz), certifying the exhibition of his artwork at New York Times Square 2023, from December 1st to 2nd. The certificate features a blue background with the Expo Metro logo, a seal of authenticity, and an image of the exhibited artwork depicting a person resting their head on their arm."
From my creative hub in Montreal, I manage an online gallery, a digital showcase for my artwork and literary creations. My work has not only been exhibited in Istanbul, Turkey, but has also been featured in renowned publications like Voraka Magazine and Artist Close Up Magazine, solidifying my status as a globally recognized artist.

Cover of ARTIST CLOSEUP, Issue #15, a contemporary art magazine.  A page from ARTIST CLOSEUP magazine featuring Le Boulanger (Fouad El-Khabbaz), a Lebanese-Canadian digital artist. The page includes a portrait of the artist and showcases three of his artworks: 'Heritage Haus - An Alley in Time', a vivid alleyway scene; 'The Gossipers', an abstract with playful forms and bold colors; and 'Impressionist Spring Field', a field of pink wildflowers. Each artwork is accompanied by its title and dimensions.

My journey from Lebanon to Canada is more than a geographical transition; it's a narrative of transformation, creativity, and the pursuit of artistic expression. Through my art and writing, I weave stories that mirror the resilience and dreams of the human spirit, embodying the essence of a creative soul that transcends boundaries and cultures.


Curated Exhibitions Portfolio

ExpoMerto - Times Square, New York, USA December 2023
Luna Grande  Art - Istanbul, Turkey January 2024
Nicoleta gallery - Berlin, Germany March 2024
Andakulova Gallery - Dubai, UAE March 2024
Casa Del Arte - Palma, Spain  March 2024