About Us

Welcome to Atelier Des Caprices, where the heart of creativity beats in harmony with the ethos of family. Here, you're not just a customer; you're part of an extended clan. We lavish upon you the care, attention, and warmth you'd find in a familial embrace, ensuring a shopping experience that's as intimate as it is professional.

The artistry of Fouad El-Khabbaz, known affectionately as Le Boulanger, is the lifeblood of our collection. His work is not just seen but felt, each piece a distinct creation, a slice of his vision brought to life. When you choose one of his pieces, you're not just acquiring an item, you're echoing his voice in your own space.

Our eco-conscious commitment shines with every transaction. We don't just envision a greener future; we actively sow the seeds. With every purchase of Le Boulanger's wall art, we plant a tree, rooting our artistic journey in the sustainability of our planet. This is our way of ensuring that the beauty you take home contributes to the beauty of the Earth.

Our global sensibility stretches across continents, reflected in the diverse aesthetics of our products. Le Boulanger's artwork, which has illuminated Times Square and adorned Istanbul's vibrant cityscape, is infused with a worldliness that's rare and inspiring.

We stand by every creation with the promise of satisfaction guaranteed. Just as family does, we ensure that every interaction with us meets your expectations, and your contentment is our highest reward.

We swell with immense pride in Fouad’s (Le Boulanger) remarkable achievement—being honored with the second photography prize at the Batroun International Festival in 2023. This recognition is a testament to his unwavering dedication and the exceptional quality that Atelier Des Caprices represents.

Le Boulanger's art has transcended borders, showcased in exhibitions from the bustling heart of New York to the historic grandeur of Istanbul, and featured in prestigious magazines. Each appearance is a narrative of success, a story of art touching lives across the globe.

Join us at Atelier Des Caprices, where every piece tells a story, every purchase supports the environment, and every customer is family. Welcome home.