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Atelier Des Caprices

Wooden Lathe-Turned Christmas Ornaments (Set of 4)

Wooden Lathe-Turned Christmas Ornaments (Set of 4)

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Celebrate the holiday season with these charming wooden ornaments, lovingly handcrafted to perfection! Crafted from resilient hale wood, these delightful lathe-turned ornaments exhibit both durability and elegance. The age-old art of wood turning, which spans centuries, is at the heart of these exquisite creations.

Our skilled artisans begin by securing a rough-hewn circular woodblock onto the traditional lathe machine, manually fastening it in place. As the machine hums to life, the artisan deftly wields a handheld chisel, carefully applying varying pressures to sculpt and refine the wood, creating the desired shapes and achieving impeccable smoothness.

To bestow vibrant color upon these wooden wonders, we source lac, a natural resin derived from nearby forests. With practiced precision, the lacquer stick is gently held against the surface, allowing the heat generated by the turning lathe to gracefully melt and dye the wood. A dried palm leaf becomes the artisan's tool of choice for spreading the lacquer evenly, resulting in a uniform, lustrous finish.

In the face of formidable competition, our dedicated rural artisans persistently preserve this time-honored craft, ensuring its continued existence and the creation of these truly remarkable ornaments.

Color :Multicolor

Production Method :Wood Turning

Material Description :Hale wood & Lac-based vegetable dyes

Size(L x B x H) :1.5 x 1.5 x 3 Inches

Care Description :Use a wet cloth to wipe the product and then immediately use a dry cloth to clean

Disclaimer :Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm

Pack Contents :Set of 4 Christmas Tree decorations

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