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Palette of Thoughts by Le Boulanger

Palette of Thoughts by Le Boulanger

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Step into the realm of "Palette of Thoughts," an abstract sensation by the esteemed Montreal-based Lebanese Canadian artist Fouad El-Khabbaz, also known as Le Boulanger. Each brushstroke is a silent reverie, turning the canvas into a vast sanctuary of philosophical debate. This limited edition offering traverses the ephemeral world of thoughts and the tangible permanence of art, beckoning observers to a colorful introspection through its dynamic fusion of colors and textures.

In a pledge to marry art with ecological sustainability, our honored printing partner promises to plant a tree for every piece sold, melding the act of acquisition with the stewardship of the environment. "Palette of Thoughts" is not just a feast for the eyes but also a catalyst for growth, nurturing the natural world while furthering the legacy of refined artistry.

Painstakingly crafted on superior materials such as canvas, acrylic glass, metal, and wood, this work is brought to life by one of the preeminent art printers. The commitment of our printing partner's seasoned team ensures the art's innate brilliance and depth are impeccably preserved, allowing the artwork to reverberate with its intended splendor.

This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, marking its exclusivity and value. For those desirous of securing a slice of Le Boulanger's enigmatic world, a selection of bespoke framing options is offered to enhance and protect this valuable acquisition.

"Palette of Thoughts" is shipped complimentary to patrons within the USA and Canada, with rolled canvases also available for international shipping at a modest additional charge. It's noteworthy that alternative formats are solely available to North American residents.

With the acquisition of "Palette of Thoughts," you're not merely obtaining a work of art; you're partaking in a profound engagement with the abstract, where each viewing is a step deeper into the vibrant labyrinth of the subconscious, eternally etched by the masterful hands of Montreal's Lebanese Canadian artist, Fouad El-Khabbaz, also celebrated as Le Boulanger.

Giclée Stretched Canvas Print:Giclee print on museum quality 410gsm polycotton canvas. Stretched on 1.5 inch pine wood and back wire. Ready to hang
Acrylic Print:1/8 (3mm) thick Digital grade Acrylic with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
Wood Print:5mm Birch Wood with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
Brushed Metal Print:3mm Brushed Metal Print with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
HD Sublimation Metal Print:High Gloss Sublimation on Chromalux Panel with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
Giclée Rolled Canvas Print:Giclee print on museum quality 410gsm polycotton canvas
Framed Print:Mounted with Plexiglass and Frame. Ready to hang.



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