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Impression of an Afternoon - Limited edition piece with a singular print

Impression of an Afternoon - Limited edition piece with a singular print

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'Impression of an Afternoon,' a limited edition piece with a singular print available, emerges from  Fouad El-Khabbaz, the Montreal-based Lebanese-Canadian talent also known as Le Boulanger. This canvas, measuring 42" x 56", encapsulates the tranquil essence of a riverside as the day fades, melding the classic impressionistic style with modern sensibilities. It portrays the serene cadence of an afternoon's end, its fabric interwoven with the dynamic interplay of light and shadow that shapes the fluidity of the landscape. The artwork boasts nature's full spectrum, from autumn's fiery reds and oranges to the sprightly greens and yellows heralding spring, all gleaming in the river's reflective embrace. Crafted with Giclée and Pigment Ink on Premium Fine Art Matte Canvas (410g/m2), this stretched canvas not only fulfills but exceeds the longevity standards of art galleries and museums, promising a consistency of shades that endures up to 200 years. This evocative piece is a testament to the artist's ability to convey the ephemeral quality of time, inviting viewers into a space of reflection, embraced by the quietude of nature and the fleeting allure of the day's last light.



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