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Fragmented Hue-man (By Le Boulanger)

Fragmented Hue-man (By Le Boulanger)

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"Fragmented Hue-man" is an exploration of the human spirit, portrayed on a 48x48 inch acrylic glass canvas by Fouad El-Khabbaz, known as Le Boulanger, a Montreal artist of Canadian Lebanese heritage. This unique piece showcases a portrait that, though fragmented, creates a harmonious blend, bursting with a spectrum of vivid colors that showcase the diversity of humanity. Mounted on a sleek back frame, the artwork offers a multidimensional effect, enhancing the interplay of light and shadow to bring each color to life. Ideal for art enthusiasts and collectors seeking modern aesthetics with emotional depth, "Fragmented Hue-man" is a limited edition that prompts conversation around identity, emotion, and the human story. As an exclusive piece, it transcends being merely decorative, embodying a testament to the complex beauty of life itself.


The usual processing time for printing and stretching the canvas ranges from 6 to 10 business days. (This timeframe does not cover the period for delivery.)



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