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Chuchotements de Deux Mondes / Whispers of Two Worlds

Chuchotements de Deux Mondes / Whispers of Two Worlds

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"Whispers of Two Worlds: Poetic Vignettes from Lebanon to Canada" is a bilingual collection of poems in English and French, written by the author to showcase the true cultural essence of Canada. This collection takes you on a heartfelt journey of life, longing, and the interplay between two distinct worlds.

Within the pages of this book, you will encounter a tapestry of emotions intricately woven with delicate verses and vibrant imagery. From the sun-kissed shores of Batroun in Lebanon to the expansive landscapes of Canada, each poem reflects the author's personal experiences, infused with nostalgia, faith, and the pursuit of happiness.

These poetic whispers resound with the beauty and intricacies of life, capturing moments of joy, sorrow, and the eternal quest for belonging. Whether you are captivated by the enchanting melodies of the Mediterranean or the vibrant spirit of Canada, these verses will transport you to the core of shared human experiences.

"Whispers of Two Worlds" encourages you to embrace both languages, English and French, celebrating the richness and diversity of both cultures. Each poem acts as a bridge, connecting two worlds and inviting readers to delve into the depth and universality of emotions through the power of words.

May this collection ignite your imagination, evoke cherished memories, and awaken a sense of wonder within you. As you embark on this poetic voyage, immerse yourself in the echoes of two worlds, finding solace in the familiar while discovering new dimensions of life's tapestry.



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