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A Kufic Conundrum by Le Boulanger

A Kufic Conundrum by Le Boulanger

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Swirling hues tangle and unfurl across the digital canvas in a symphony of calculated anarchy, conceived by Montreal artist Fouad El-Khabbaz - Le Boulanger. Lines bend and twist, each one a contemporary echo of ancient Kufic calligraphy. Where tradition met parchment with solemn dignity, here it dances with reckless abandon, adorned in a riot of color that defies easy categorization.

A labyrinth unfolds before your eyes, alive and restless. Burgundy lines intersect with flashes of neon pink, teals make fleeting alliances with shades of buttery yellow. The colors blend into one another yet stand distinct, each proud in its singularity. You're enticed to find order in this chromatic chaos, a hidden code perhaps, buried deep within the kaleidoscope.

Touch seems almost tangible—the texture of the lines rugged like ancient stone, smooth as a glass sea in other parts. The warm aroma of cinnamon seems to radiate from the reds, contrasting sharply with the cool scent of mint emanating from the teal hues. Your senses are captivated by the visual banquet before you, offering tantalizing hints of a world beyond sight.

This is more than a digital painting; it's a multi-sensory journey. Intricate yet open to interpretation, it invites a myriad of perspectives while preserving its core mystery. An artwork both mystifying and revealing, it's a visual paradox where abstract Kufic calligraphy finds a frenzied, modern resonance. It stands as an inscrutable dreamscape, alluring and complex, forever drawing you into its vibrant labyrinth.


LIMITED EDITION of 200 - FREE Shipping Canada & USA.

Certificate of Authenticity provided with any print of this artwork

This artwork can be shipped worldwide when ordered on Canvas & Poster Roll
Any other format including, Stretched Canvas, Acrylic etc, ships only in Continental USA & Canada (Free shipping)

Giclée Stretched Canvas Print:Giclee print on museum quality 410gsm polycotton canvas. Stretched on 1.5 inch pine wood and back wire. Ready to hang
Acrylic Print:1/8 (3mm) thick Digital grade Acrylic with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
Brushed Metal Print:3mm Brushed Metal Print with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
HD Sublimation Metal Print:High Gloss Sublimation on Chromalux Panel with back floating Frame of 1 inch thick. Ready to hang
Giclée Rolled Canvas Print:Giclee print on museum quality 410gsm polycotton canvas
Giclée Fine Art Matte Paper Print:Giclee print on Fine Art Matte Paper
Framed Print:Mounted with Plexiglass and Frame. Ready to hang.



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