Bridging Worlds with Art and Story: The Multifaceted Journey of Fouad El-Khabbaz



In a recent feature within the esteemed pages of Voraka Magazine, issue number 15, Fouad El-Khabbaz, also known as Le Boulanger, was spotlighted for his profound contributions to literature and the arts. In the interview, El-Khabbaz shared insights into his artistic journey, detailing the influence of his Lebanese upbringing and his migration to Canada in shaping his unique creative vision.

El-Khabbaz's work is deeply rooted in his experiences, drawing from the rich socio-political landscape of Lebanon and the diverse cultural tapestry of Canada. He speaks of the resilience and traditions of his home country, which have infused his narratives with a distinctive strength and vibrancy. His relocation to Canada opened doors to boundless opportunities and fresh perspectives, merging Lebanese roots with new experiences to enrich his artistic approach.

His 2023 Batroun International Festival photography award-winning shot, encapsulating the soul of Batroun through a return visit, highlights his deep connection to his homeland. Furthermore, the collaboration with his mother, Edma El-Khabbaz, on 'Fenêtres Sur Ma Vie' interweaves her poetic journey with his photographic expertise, crafting a touching testament to their shared heritage.

El-Khabbaz also delves into his role as a co-founder of the Immigrant Writers Association in Canada. This initiative amplifies immigrant voices in the literary scene, a testament to his dedication to fostering inclusivity and diversity.

In literature, El-Khabbaz's "Warehouse 12: In Memories of the Lost" stands out as a compelling piece of fiction set in Beirut, weaving together personal tales and the broader socio-political tapestry. The novel presents a poignant exploration of the human condition against the vibrant backdrop of Beirut, marked by resilience and hope.

El-Khabbaz's journey is a beacon for aspiring artists and writers, encouraging perseverance and the pursuit of passion, with a belief that every step on the creative path is a valuable segment of the larger journey. His works, including the novel "Warehouse 12" and the French photo-poetry book "Fenêtres Sur Ma Vie," are available for readers eager to immerse themselves in his vivid storytelling and evocative artistry.

For those interested in exploring El-Khabbaz's digital artwork or purchasing his novels, visit his online gallery at and find his books on Amazon. His story is one of bridging worlds, blending the traditional with the innovative, and it stands as an inspiration for those navigating their own creative endeavors.

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